Prodexpo 2014

This year from 10th to 14th February, an international food exhibition, “Prodexpo 2014″, where the 14 Latvian companies with their products generally got underway, was held in Moscow (Russia).
At this exhibition JSC “Ventspils zivju konservu kombināts” received a gold medal in the nomination The Best Product 2014 and a diploma for the product “Riga sprats in oil – delicacy”, as well as a gold star for the best innovative product “Riga sprats in oil – delicacy”.
It is a high achievement at the international level. The JSC “Ventspils zivju konservu kombināts” appreciates these awards and will continue to expand its product range with new products.
The JSC “Ventspils zivju konservu kombināts” is one of the largest manufacturers in Latvia, which produces the gourmet product “Sprats in oil”. Production is focused on quality and the company is confident that it can compete with other famous brands.
In recent years, the company has mainly produced products for many well-known commercial brands without developing its own brand. At this exhibition, for the first time, a new logo of „Ventspils zivju konservu kombināts” was put on display.